The biggest news of my life so far.

Yes, I think it’s bigger than getting married… I’m going to be teaching in New Zealand and Africa this year!

The flights are booked and the conferences are being planned and I’m in the programme!!! I’m taking along my passion for believers to be fit and well in body, heart and spirit and helping spread the ministry of Christian fitness classes to more people around the world.

I’ll be teaching workshops to show the different types of Christian fitness programs that I’ve been teaching for a few years now. My hope is to show how easily churches can offer fabulous exercise classes that bless us both inside and out, body and soul. I’ll be spreading the inspiration that our Lord wants us fit and well! Let’s just pause on that thought for a moment. If the enemy is trying to hinder the effectiveness of the Lord’s people by making us sick and troubled, then he’s doing a very good job. Imagine if everyone in your church was healthy and whole, what couldn’t we do for our Lord!?! Our Lord truly wants us fit and well, being all we were meant to be. 🙂

If you know my story, you’ll know how I spent a good decade struggling and I’m sure that the devil tried to take me out. So I know first hand how much it matters to be healthy and whole-hearted. I thank the Lord that He’s restored my life to this point and what’s more, He’s now given me opportunities to teach internationally! What an amazing God, and believe me, I’ve also learnt that He sure does use the weak things of this world and I know that He has great plans for me and all those who will dare to look past their own (in)abilities to Him for whom nothing is impossible!!!

So, I have an invitation for you to partner in what I’m doing. Read on for the full picture.

This is the banner for the International Christian Dance Fellowship conference in Ghana, Africa that I’ll be going to. I’m teaching two workshops there. Africa! I’m so excited to be going there on a mission for the Lord. 😀 Check out

Conference Poster

I’m continuing to be Coordinator for the ICDF network for Fitness, Well-being and Movement Meditation. This work is to bring together others who are interested in this same ministry, from all over the world to network online and for those that can be there, at the ICDF conference. (Read more about that here:

My Nourisher award! 🙂

In order to solidify my fitness and well-being ministry, I have trained to become a Nutrition Coach. I completed the training in March 2016 and was also given the Institute Nourisher award for the most exceptional enthusiasm and passion throughout the course of all my classmates. I’m studying to be a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer so that I have a solid foundation in the theory and practical aspects of fitness. It will take me all year to finish those certifications. To inform my Bible teaching, I’m continuing with a Bachelor of Theology, just one or two subjects at a time, and for that I have less than five years worth of study left. :-O 🙂

The conference in New Zealand is coming up soon, in April and it’s with the Christian Dance Fellowship of Aotearoa New Zealand. I’m teaching one workshop at the conference and meeting with some PraiseMoves Instructors too for an afternoon of sharing and encouragement.

Truly, I’m still getting used to the idea myself, but I’m sure that this is all the Lord’s leading and as we say in PraiseMoves, the Lord doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called. I look to him for all the guidance and strength that I need, trusting that He knows what He’s doing and that I don’t need to be perfect.

I’m not accustomed to asking for support either, but I would love to gather some supporters around me. Firstly, you could sign up here to ‘Follow’ my blog and stay in touch as my ministry work progresses. Secondly, you might like to give prayer support for me. Just let me know by emailing me or messaging me via my facebook page. Lastly, you might be in a position to support me financially with the cost of all of these things as I study and build my ministry. You’re welcome to contact me to find out more about the costs and my financial situation, or you can simply give via PayPal directly to me at The next costs that I am needing to pay in the near future are accommodation and registration for both of those conferences as well as ongoing registration costs as both a PraiseMoves Instructor and CaraMayan teacher, which amount to around AU$550. Other costs have been more, as I’m sure you can imagine, such as flights, course costs for my qualifications. Whilst I don’t entirely need financial support from others because we could continue to draw on savings, I do want to invite you to be a blessing in that way for my ministry and for Rob and I as we press toward our big dreams for our future ministries.

Lastly, on a little side note. You’re welcome to look around my website some more. It’s a work in progress though. Feel free to leave me a comment to let me know what you like, and what you might want to hear more about.

Thanks so much for sharing in my excitement about this. For so many years as I struggled in sickness and almost-hopelessness, I wondered when my life would amount to anything much. This year, it’s really tangible the progress I’ve made, what I have to offer people and the possibilities before me. We see the Lord’s hand clearly, in the tapestry that He is weaving of my life.

~love to all,



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