Eating fat to lose fat?

News flash: we need to eat more fat in order to lose weight the healthy way. What!? Yes, you read that right. The low fat diet for weight loss is now old news, well and truly! And eating fats and oils to lose fat is in.

For so long we’ve been told to drastically reduce fat intake for weight loss, but now we’re hearing “eat fat to lose fat”!?! It’s true. Though most of us probably equate fat with fat, eating fat doesn’t actually equate to fat gain. It’s much more complicated than that.

What we know now is that healthy fats are vital for a healthy fast metabolism. And you may well be surprised to hear that butter, ghee and coconut oil are the best ones for that purpose. We need those short chain and medium chain fatty acids, or saturated fats as they are more commonly known, in order to balance the ratios of fats in our body and build the hormones that are necessary to drive our metabolism.

If we have a healthy metabolism then reaching and maintaining a health weight will come naturally. A faster metabolism naturally uses up more energy in a day…

which fats boost the metabolism?

how much should we eat?

It feels so much more like God intended. Learning to trust our body and know that it’s an exquisite creation is an exciting thing. We were made to enjoy good, natural, wholesome, tasty food and we can enjoy it and obtain a healthy weight at the same time.


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