What if everything you think you know about weight loss is wrong!?

Are you trying to eat less? Stop.

Are you trying to exercise more? Wait.

Are you reducing fats and carbs? You’re going to want to read this. The latest findings around successful lasting weight loss are changing everything.


Why is it that we think that eating less is the way to get healthy and lose weight?

The truth is that eating more would help a lot of us. Healthy weight management is about nurturing a fast metabolism. A fast metabolism comes from having sufficient energy from morning til night. That, for most people, means more breakfast! And for some it means more carbohydrate foods. A fast metabolism is only possible with all the nutrients needed, firstly to create the hormones that drive the metabolism and secondly, to carry out all the body’s metabolic processes throughout the day, in particular, digestion and energy production. So that means eating more nutrients.

More carbs. Five serves a day is a good general recommendation. Wholegrain is best. And earlier in the day is ideal – that means breakfast, morning snack and lunch time. After that, focus on protein, vegetables and healthy fats.

More tasty foods! A natural salt is a great source of minerals to get more nutrients into your day. Buy the best salt you can – unrefined, like celtic sea salt, or himalayan or a local artesian or lake salt are all great options. And aim for one to one and half teaspoons a day. More if you’re very fatigued. Include all the flavour groups in your day – sour foods like lemon and vinegar, bitter foods like bitter greens, naturally sweet foods like honey, maple syrup, dates and other fruits are God’s gift to satisfy our hunger for good things. Plus, all these foods contain extra nutrients that boost our energy levels.

Even more fats and oils? Yes. Our hormones need a rich supply of fats and fat soluble vitamins. As it turns out, the latest findings show that vegetable oils (or PUFA’s, polyunsaturated fatty acids) are causing problems. We’ve been told that these are the healthy oils – sunflower, canola, rice bran oil, grapeseed, etc. but too much of these refined oils without the saturated fats to balance them out in our system, will slow down our metabolism. The good saturated fats that we need more of are mostly found in butter, ghee and coconut oil and we could even be having up to 80grams per day. Read more in my article on increasing fats and oils.

What’s more, many of us need more rest and more sleep. It’s not often you’re advised to do less exercise, is it!? The latest research into raising the metabolic rate to aid healthy weight loss shows that too much exercise is counterproductive. So how much is too much? More than two moderate workouts of 45 minutes each week is too much if you’re struggling to lose weight. Instead, focus on regular, gentle movement throughout the day with times of deep rest and relaxation as well as some early nights.

Does an eating more approach to health sound like a refreshingly new approach to healthy weight loss? Our God is a good Creator, and he’s created a wealth of good food for us that are enjoyable and that fuel our body’s thoroughly for a fired up metabolism. I’d love to hear from you if this has inspired you. Leave a comment below, or contact me via my contact page.

Finally, the motto is:- fill your life with more of the good stuff, and you wont miss it as the bad stuff is edged out.


Nourish your whole self and what doesn’t truly nourish you will slip more easily out of your life.

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