Fasting Patterns for Weight Loss

Patterns of fasting for weight loss seem to be better and easier than plain old restrictive eating. There are three different patterns of fasting for weight loss that I want to share with you.

Firstly though, why might we try fasting patterns?

  1. It can be easier because it’s not restrictive ALL the time.
  2. It’s a powerful strategy to keep your metabolic rate up.
  3. It’s a faster healthier way to lose weight.

Normal low calorie diets only slow down our metabolism. Exercising more only makes the problem worse. A slow metabolism means we’ll be lacking in energy and motivation, finding it harder to lose weight and easier to put it back on when returning to a more ‘normal’ way of eating.

Which one of these 3 appeals to you?

  1. Big breakfast, normal lunch & small dinner.

I read about this fasting pattern in a scientific study where half the participants ate this way, and the other half ate the opposite which is more common – small breakfast, normal lunch, big dinner – sound familiar? A lot of us have a small quick breakfast, normal lunch and are really hungry for a good feed in the evening. Well, the half eating by this fasting pattern lost twice as much weight, even though both groups ate the same amount.

  1. Eating light every second day.

For this fasting pattern, eat what you would normally eat, as you want to every second day, but on the other days, eat light.

  1. The well known 2&5 diet

This is two days of fasting per week and 5 days of eating plenty of healthy wholefoods, as best as you can. On fasting days, you’re not eating entirely nothing, but close to it.

Does one of the three sound like your kind of thing? Lol, maybe none sound appealing, but does one seem more do-able??

So now for some details:…



What’s a big breakfast? Think of a good breakfast and a big snack combined. In fact, if a big breakfast doesn’t sound possible – then a good breakfast and a big morning snack would do the job too. The idea is to fuel your body with lots of nutrients and natural energy to fire up your metabolism for the day. So, for example: a big bowl of muesli and milk plus fruit, yogurt and nuts. OR three slices of wholemeal toast with butter or ghee, three eggs, glass of milk and a serve of fruit. That’s the kind of big wholesome breakfast we’re talking about. We do want to watch refined sugar intake, so choose your muesli, yogurt and things like that well. Then a normal lunch is normal – I think you know how not to go overboard with a lunch, and don’t under-do it either – make sure there’s some healthy carbs and healthy fats plus some salad or vegetables. A small dinner is quite small and this is where the fasting element comes into it. You want to have a serve of meat or other protein food like beans or lentils, plenty of vegetables and 1 – 2 Tablespoons of a good fat or oil and that’s all – no carbohydrate foods (no potato, corn, rice, etc.). It’s the evening and overnight that your body will be breaking down fat reserves for healthy weight loss.


So it’s one eating normal day and then one light eating day. This fasting pattern comes from a scientific study also where most people were successful at losing weight. The researchers were happy to report that on the normal eating day when you’re allowed to eat however you feel like eating, that participants typically didn’t eat much more than they normally would, even though they were fasting on the other days. What is eating light then? Some people eating to this fasting pattern eat only dinner or lunch on their fasting day. Some eat two very small meals such as a vegetable soup for lunch and meat or fish or beans and veg for dinner. And drink water and teas apart from that. This approach is promoted by Dr. Krista Varadi: ‘The Every Other Day Diet’. Great info and links at the Facebook page.


The idea is to eat well for five days of the week and fast for two. To eat well means reducing refined flour foods like white bread, pasta and cakes and biscuits, reducing sugar and fried foods. And more importantly, eat plenty of good, nourishing wholesome foods. On the fasting days, the goal is to eat only a quarter of a normal days food. This could be just a normal sized dinner, or two or three small amounts during the day. The main website for this diet is

So will you give one a try?

Let me know if you try any of these. Comment below or email me. Book a nutrition coaching call with me if you would like a personal consult. I’ll be really happy to help you towards success.

Keep in mind that there’s no one way for everybody. What works for one may not work for another. Some people like to try a mixture of different fasting patterns for variety. And as always, the best strategy is to consult our Creator. Let Him guide you towards health. He knows you better than anyone!

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