A good friend and fellow blogger challenged me to answer the question ‘why do I write?’

She had blogged her own answer and my response is long overdue, but here it is.

I write because I have something in me that needs to be let out. I have boxes of journals from my struggle-years when putting pen to paper was the only uncomplicated way to try and manage my internal world. Sometimes it was poetry, often it was practical matters and very often I was wrestling with my thoughts to find amongst them some constructive cohesion.

Now, I don’t journal all that much, but I still have words in me that need to be let out. These days it’s to help others. And I wrestle with the words to find what might be the most inspiring. Let all that I’ve been through be used to help others and may my words bring the passionate life-changing loving power, that I’ve come to find in my Father God.

I pray that you are blessed as you spend time here.

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