Give for Impact in Ghana

If you’re a regular follower of my blogs or a facebook friend, you’ll know that my dance and fitness ministry led me to Ghana last year, for the International Christian Dance Fellowship conference. It was the last day of five days of the conference when I met Daniel. I had just danced with the Contemporary… Continue reading Give for Impact in Ghana

Fasting Patterns for Weight Loss

Patterns of fasting for weight loss seem to be better and easier than plain old restrictive eating. There are three different patterns of fasting for weight loss that I want to share with you. Firstly though, why might we try fasting patterns? It can be easier because it’s not restrictive ALL the time. It’s a… Continue reading Fasting Patterns for Weight Loss

What if everything you think you know about weight loss is wrong!?

Are you trying to eat less? Stop. Are you trying to exercise more? Wait. Are you reducing fats and carbs? You’re going to want to read this. The latest findings around successful lasting weight loss are changing everything. Why is it that we think that eating less is the way to get healthy and lose… Continue reading What if everything you think you know about weight loss is wrong!?

Eating fat to lose fat?

News flash: we need to eat more fat in order to lose weight the healthy way. What!? Yes, you read that right. The low fat diet for weight loss is now old news, well and truly! And eating fats and oils to lose fat is in. For so long we’ve been told to drastically reduce… Continue reading Eating fat to lose fat?

The biggest news of my life so far.

… If you know my story, you’ll know how I spent a good decade struggling and I’m sure that the devil tried to take me out. So I know first hand how much it matters to be healthy and whole-hearted. I thank the Lord that He’s restored my life to this point and what’s more, He’s now given me opportunities to teach internationally! …

Being Equipped from the Top Down

Hi! It’s great that you’re here. Get Equipped is all about knowing and having the spiritual resources we need to be victorious in this life. For some of us, life is more of a battle than for others. And we’re not equipped to win. Get Equipped leads you through a progressive journey to discover real… Continue reading Being Equipped from the Top Down