The more I learn about the intricacies of food and the inner workings of our bodies, the more I am amazed at how clever food is. I’m enthused but at the same time I’m also troubled. Our complex bodies have complex food needs and it ought not be so tricky, but sadly, the modern diet is not what it ought to be. So most of us have bodies that are running with sub-optimal levels of nutrition and we’re struggling with low energy, weight problems, aches and pains or illness. It doesn’t have to be this way.

As a Nutrition Coach I offer group and individual coaching sessions as well as specialty seminars because often all we need is someone who can keep us headed in the right direction. Nutrition coaching is all about working together on an achievable plan, remembering that you know yourself the best. I have the scientifically backed healthy eating guide and the strategies to help. My seminars are tailor-made to suit your group, giving you the right information and making healthy do-able.

I’m inspired! I’ve learned so much about food the way it’s meant to be and I’m quite certain that *everybody* could improve their health by applying the wonderfilled diet principles.

What’s the wonderfilled diet?

It’s not a ‘diet’, it’s a way of eating and it’s everything I’ve learnt in the years I spent healing from Chronic Fatigue and Anorexia. I’ve found the best healthy eating info, plus I’ve pondered the Creator’s wisdom on the topic and I’ve put it all together into a neat little do-able bundle. If you’re ready to learn more, head to

For group and individual sessions or seminars, head to the contact page.banner_wonderfilled_01

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